In 1999, at the Sun n Fun airshow in Florida, the Summit II made its debut and we have never looked back since.

The uniqueness of the Summit created a real interest and we had many people comment on how different our kit was then anything they had ever seen in the market. They were right!!!. We had incorporated in our very unique design, a true two seat placement that allowed pilot and passenger to sit in their own separate seats for the most comfortable arrangement. We had a single fuselage tube that had every attach point triangulated, we had a slider foot control system for ease of canopy steering, we had stainless steel rails around the pilot and passenger for maximum protection, we had a four point pick up system for our risers for the best control against any pendulum affect and above that, all the kits were anodized which was superior to the typical powder coating. Our landing gear was designed so that it was back under the engine so that in the event of a hard landing, the wheels would touch first, not the protective propeller guard thus eliminating a lot of the problems with broken propeller blades that plagued our competitors.

During the Sun 'n Fun airshow we heard comments like:

“Boy, you sure built that strong”
“It’s about time somebody separated the pilot and passenger”
“Now that makes sense”
“What a great idea for steering controls”
“You guys definitely started with a clean sheet of paper”
“This looks like it was engineered not copied”

The comments were positive and we knew we were on the right track. People wanted something different, something strong and something reliable and with our years of experience in the industry we looked forward to embarking on a new division of our existing company. 

Our main company, was founded in 1988 starting with our fixed wing Chinook Plus 2, then in 1996 our fixed wing Beaver RX 550 Plus and so it was a natural transition to add the Powered Parachute to our family, thus the conception of the Summit and its unique design.

We have been a long withstanding member of ASTM, LAMA and other organizations that set the standards for aircraft manufacturing. LSA and Sport Pilot regulations are not new issues to our company, we have always had to comply to the stringent regulations put forth by our Transport Canada and have always complied.

We were very proud to recently receive the first License of Certification for our Summit PPC in Germany, the ONLY PPC to receive this certification in Germany. Germany is well known for its stringent regulations on accepting the airworthiness of light aircraft and so it was with the fortitude and dedication of our German dealers, Rueben Peter and Dietmar Leide that it was finally realized this past October. We were extremely pleased with their efforts and it was one more notch on our belts as there were several other PPC’s that had tried the same for the last 4 or 5 years without success. Congratulations Guys!!!!!

With some of this information, you now know why the Summit stands above other models and why it is regarded as one of the strongest and best built in the industry but beyond the technical aspect there is the human aspect, the aspect of great customer service and the knowledge we carry in this industry with our years of experience and our years of dedication to our customers. We are firm believers that no great product can be great without the greatest in customer relations. That is the foundation for our company and why people worldwide deal with us.

From the time you call us to make an inquiry, to the information package we send you, to the details of an order, to the finances, to the actual logistics and receipt of your kit and finally to the assistance in the assembly of your kit, we are with you all the way. Our assembly manuals are clear and concise, our parts pre-cut, pre-measured, pre-drilled for ease of construction and our assistance only an e-mail or a phone call away. Our professional staff is knowledgeable and eager to assist you. Our philosophy is to treat each person as we would want to be treated, with the highest regard and the best service possible, it’s our promise to each and every one of our customers.

Why buy a Summit, well here is a quick summary:

  • Anodized airframes 

  • Plenty of engine choices – Rotax 503, Rotax 582, Rotax 912, HKS 700 E 

  • 4 point pick up system for risers 

  • Slider foot control for canopy steering 

  • True two place seating 

  • Beefy airframe with 4” fuselage 

  • Ground steering 

  • Dyno-Focal engine mount to best absorb vibration 

  • Rear wheel placement to prevent prop guard impact 

  • Parts pre-cut, pre-measured, pre-drilled for ease of assembly 

  • No welding required 

  • Concise and Clear assembly manual 

  • Our own line of canopies 

  • Excellence in Customer service 

  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff 

The long and the short of it, customers really want an aircraft that is safe, durable and fun to fly. They also want a company that stands behind their products and are available to them when a question arises. We know that the Summit can provide both and with this winning attitude, you the customer will be the biggest winner.


Airframe - Some call it BEEFY, we call it DURABLE! 

When you first look at the construction of the Summit you will see why we say, "We provide one of the safest and most durable PPC airframes you will find on the market today". The Summit airframe can endure even the most rugged terrain and elements. We have accomplished this, by using a 4 inch fuselage tube which goes from the front wheel to the tail, and also as a main frame to which all framework is attached. 

This makes the Summit as strong as it gets, and has been used in most ultralight aircraft successfully for years.

Built in Strength = Increased Safety!

Many incidents have been experienced with some brands of PPC's, with the failing of the ring guard at the back of the craft. With many designs, the bottom of the ring guard can contact the ground upon landing, causing expensive prop, engine and major airframe damage. The Summit has a double ring and is manufactured with aircraft bolts (not screws) to secure this section of the frame. The rear wheels are also positioned directly under the engine mount and utilizes a unique shock absorber style, landing gear which makes landings much safer. It is virtually impossible to hit the ring guard. Attachment points to the main fuselage are solid and the stainless steel frame rail, gives added strength.

No Wood Screws here!!

The Prop is well protected.

New Design for Greater Stability

Summit has a unique and innovative stainless steel frame rail around the cockpit area, to which the canopy pick-up cables are attached at four points. The four point pick-up gives the craft a greater degree of stability in flight and also decreases the seesaw effect that most brands of PPC's experience. The railing also provides extra protection and safety around the cockpit area.

Center of Gravity Adjustment. 

The Summit enjoys a wider variable of weight change for the pilot before C of G needs to be adjusted. This, compared to many other brands of PPC's is because of the four point pick-up system and the triangulation on the pick-up cables. 

The Summit also flies in a more level and stable attitude, due to this system. 


Unique Fuel System !

The Summit incorporates a rotationally molded, one piece rear seat tank which allows the rear passenger seat to also be used as a fuel cell. Both passengers and fuel are located exactly at the C of G point of the Summit, therefore there is no difference in stability, with or without a passenger. There is also no difference with either 10 gallons or 1 gallon of fuel on board. This is another well thought out idea, in keeping the overall weight of the Summit down, since it is rotational there is no fiberglass cracking, or reaction with the many of the different fuel types.


Comfortable Seating Adds Even More Safety!

A true two place seating design gives the pilot and passenger, individual seating in custom designed and upholstered seats. This gives the pilot unrestricted space in which to fly the aircraft. Passengers no longer need to fly with knees in the chin position, which is cramped and uncomfortable. The Summit is by far the most comfortable ride you will experience in a PPC.


Summit has revolutionized the control devices for steering the canopy by replacing the old style rudder tubes with a new style of foot slider control. Sitting in a normal upright position, the pilot's feet rest comfortably on foot platforms attached to a unique slider rail system, that activates by simply pushing your foot forward. Canopy steering lines are attached to this slider, generating a 2 to 1 travel distance ratio on the lines, giving the Summit exceptional response. Push right - turn right - Push left - turn left.

This feature WILL BE COPIED and you will see it on some of our competitors PPCs in the future. There is, of course no way that they will be able to resist and it may take them a while, but it will happen. 

We don’t mind because the best form of compliment is to copy some of our features, but remember that SUMMIT had it first. 

Ground Steering Exceptional and With Brakes! 

Summit uses a direct linkage from the aircraft butterfly steering wheel, to the front wheel for a steering system which is very much like that of an auto vehicle. No more steering with a stick control. Summit has also added a front brake system as standard equipment on all it's models, with lever control on the steering wheel.

Less Vibration for a Better Ride!


Summit uses a motor mount system that removes the the vibration caused by engine and propeller effects. Engineered for ultra lights, this Dyno-Focal mount absorbs vibrations, giving a very noticeable difference in the smoothness, unlike brands that use the flat steel, flat plate mount. This has been well proven over the many years of our ultra light manufacturing, testing and flying. 


Suspension! Suspension! Suspension!


Once again we have taken a tried and well proven component from one of our ultra light models, the shock set-up. We did not have to go to a motorcycle shop or bike shop, all we had to do is go to one of our parts bins. It’s easy when you already make it!! By incorporating the shock into the main wheel support, we once again save a huge amount of weight. 

So, next time you're around our Summit, make sure you jump on the prop guard and check out it's suspension. It's okay if you jump on our prop guards, but I don’t think some of our competitors will let you jump on theirs!!


Propeller Efficiency !


Summit uses the long revered and very efficient GSC Propellers. Available in natural sealed wood finish, or with a composite leading edge, the GSC Propeller gives the Summit some of the highest thrust measurements of any propellers on the market. This is accomplished by using a true airfoil, not a composite blade that was chopped off from a longer diameter and designed for a higher speed application. The inherent combination of low flight speed and canopy drag of PPC's requires the maximum thrust provided by our superior propellers.

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