The Summit SS is a unique design that has been scaled down from our Standard two place Summit. This design has still kept the features that are offered on the two place, which has set the Summit apart from other PPC models. The SS is offered in the open style or with the optional composite pod and a full enclosure model will be available soon.

  • The Summit SS has been designed to accommodate a variety of engines making you power plant choices limitless.

  • The Summit SS basic open style airframe can easily meet the 254 lb U/L requirements; even with the electric start option. The composite cowling pod is not a structural unit and can therefore be offered as an option.

  • Either style comes with full shock suspension and front brake as standard equipment.
So if you want open air flying or the option of an enclosed cowling the Summit SS is the only single place powered parachute to be able to offer you the best of both worlds.

The Summit SS can be flown with standard conventional rectangular canopies or the new hybrid or elliptical canopies now available.


Summit SS Specifications and Statistics

Construction Materials

6061-T6 Aluminum Aircraft Grade

4130 Chromemoly

Stainless Steel

Quality AN AIRCRAFT Hardware





  Width  64 inches

Height (at top of prop guard)

72 inches


Length (front wheel to skip plate end)

100 inches

  Length with Composite Cowling Option 105 inches




Simonini Victor 1 45 HP with electric start and liquid cooling

233 Ibs


Rotax 447 with electric start

252 Ibs


Rotax 503 with electric start

265 Ibs

Max Gross Weight:



Mustang  S-380 (Rectangular)

550 Ibs


Thunderbolt E-310 (Elliptical)

500 Ibs


Difference between empty weight and gross weight. With Simonini using Apco 400

272 Ibs

Glide Ratio:

Depends on total gross weight. Between 4 to 1, up to 6 to 1.


Rate of Climb:

Depends on total gross weight. 400 to 650 feet per minute.


Take of Roll:

50 to 200 feet, depending on weight and weather conditions.


Landing of Roll:

50 to 100 feet.



26 to 30 MPH - Some new elliptical canopies, available for advanced pilots will fly at 30 -35 MPH.


G-Force weight potential:

Currently being tested to over 5 Gs.


Fuel Capacity:

USA (restricted) – 5 gallons US

Canadian Capacity – 10 gallons US, 8.5 Imperial


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