Three years ago I set out to find the perfect Powered Parachute, I was relentless in my search to find all the information that was available from the Internet, factory literature, and word of mouth. I also visited a factory of one of the more widely sold Powered Parachutes. After researching all the information available, I choose SUMMIT.

The Summit PPC offered the most comprehensive kit at a very affordable price. The thinking “outside-of-the-box” approach to ground steering, canopy steering, C/G attaching points and simplistic design is what sold me on the Summit. All of which truly sets Summit aside from all others in the PPC industry. When I decided to purchase my Summit, I chose to buy the “kit” form, mainly due to how well the instruction plans are so well thought out and illustrated. When I received my kit, I went right to work on assembling my PPC, roughly 40 hours later my thirteen-year-old son and I had a new Summit PPC. The Instruction Manual was so easy to read and understand, it made assembling it so much fun, (I would love to do it again). Each step was bagged and easily identified and marked with all the correct hardware and pieces. Even though I am very mechanical I feel anyone can successfully assemble Summit without any problems.

After a proper engine break-in of the Rotax I was ready to get started on flight instructions. I spent time just learning to taxi the PPC. The ground steering is so simple: turn the wheel right, go right…no push-pull lever to remember. The first trip to the airport was a bit unexpected; all the PPC “regulars” just fell in love with the Summit. I think I may be the only one in Texas that has a Summit. Some of the pilots knew of Summit, some did not, but everyone enjoyed seeing all the differences in the PPC’s. After my instructor and I attached the canopy and did a very thorough pre-flight, he decided to take it for its maiden flight. He made a couple of take-offs and landings to adjust the canopy, and then he took it for a one-hour flight…he didn’t want to land.

I have now logged five hours in my PPC, with almost two hours of pilot-in-command time and I will be soloing the next time the weather cooperates. My Summit has surpassed ALL my expectations. It is very easy to ground steer, kites quickly, very stable in flight, quick response to canopy input and is a joy to fly!

You can spend much more on a Powered Parachute but you cannot buy a better PPC than SUMMIT.

I applaud the entire Summit Team for the engineering, fabrication skills, professionalism, and customer support in creating a safe, first class product.


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