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Above is a photo of my Summit 2 departing my home field on a recent past evening. It was a spectacular day to fly.

I've owned my Summit for about 5 years now and still get a thrill each and every time I fly.

I have noticed at fly-ins I have attended the remarkable differences between my aircraft and others. Its design is much more convenient and comfortable for not only myself, but also any passenger I take up with me. Other power parachutes have much more cramped sitting space than my plane, and the fact that there is a pod with a wind screen is also extremely advantageous in that my passenger and I stay much more comfortable on cooler days than those without.

I also have noticed that the plane gets much more attention from spectators and other pilots as well at the fly-ins because of these differences; everyone wants to know how much warmer the pod keeps us, and how much the windscreen helps.

With my Sport Pilot certification in hand and my Summit "N" numbered I find myself flying more then ever -and that is always a good thing ! :-)

Thanks for all the past support and service Summit Aerosports has provided.  With your help my flying experience has always been safe and pleasurable.

Rich Kiselewsky
Flemington, NJ


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