Michael Arrandt's Summit Powered Parachute.

I went for my first ride in a powered parachute in March of 2002 and knew immediately that it was something I just had to do. The next month I traveled to Sun N Fun in Lakeland, Florida to learn about the sport and to check out all the different PPC manufacturers. I carefully examined all the different aircraft and after speaking to sooooo many people, I decided on The Summit II. The design features, the engineering, the esthetics and the customer support seemed to be in a class all by itself. Time would prove me to be correct on all points and I have thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience in this sport.


Once I received my kit I inventoried all the parts and began construction. Everything was so well organized and coordinated step by step with the construction manual. I was so impressed with the quality, machining and fit of the parts and I truly enjoyed the construction phase of the aircraft.

I cannot rave enough about the excellent customer support, help and suggestions I received throughout this entire process from Summit and specifically, George Wood. I basically “lived” in my garage until the plane was completed and I consider building my Summit a labor of love. 

I found an instructor and the excitement of watching him take the plane up for the very first time was an experience I will never forget. This sense of accomplishment and the thrill of flying and has only been surpassed by my first solo flight, my BFI rating and beyond.

It still is such a charge every time I hit the throttle. The ground handling, taxiing and flight characteristics of The Summit are so stable, responsive, sturdy and confident. This plane is a joy to fly.

I want to thank everyone at Summit Aerosports for providing such an incredible aircraft and introducing me to this awesome sport. 

Michael S. Arrandt, DC

April 21, 2005


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