Summit Frame:

The exact Summit frame used for the static load test was Serial # 1000. This frame was our last prototype frame and the model that is in currently in production is the same as this last prototype. This prototype had a total of 75 hours of flight time and the only modification to the frame that was performed for the static test, is as follows: An extra support cross tube was installed, see diagram.

This tube was located between the two S/S front support tubes and at a height that can be installed on our current Summit Airframes. This tube is easily installed and can be inserted under the front pilot seat. There were no further modifications to the actual summit airframe.

Weight Used

We used 100 lb sand bags that were placed on our wooden base. The wooden base was set in place on the rear passenger seat support and the front of the wooden base was supported over the pilot front support tubes. We required further support and this was accommodated by using wooden braces. These were placed over the front support bracket of the rear passenger seat. This was done to insure that all load forces were directly applied as if the passenger and pilot were in fact seated in their appropriate seat and seat locations.

Lifting Support

We used a heavy steel angle and inserted chain through this angle and this is where we attached our canopy attach cables. The cables were spread at the exact location that they are during the realm of flight. Then the steel angle was attached in the middle of the angle and a chain hoist was then used to raise and lower the Summit frame. The Summit canopy cables were placed on the Summit frame in the exact location that they are during the realm of flight. In final preparation the Summit was weighed and recorded to be 350lbs.

Test Procedure #1

We used black tape to locate two points that will be used to measure bending moments. The first record of measurement was recorded and found to be 45.1875" this will represent our standard for this test. The Summit frame was then loaded to 1200 lbs raised and then lowered onto the main wheels to aid in taking the slack out of any cables, tube etc. The Summit frame was then raised again and loaded to 2000lbs and there was no amount of deflection or visible bending of any kind. The Summit frame was then continually loaded to a weight of 3550 lbs and a measurement was taken and recorded to be 44.6875" This resulted in a .500" bending moment with a loaded weight of 3550lbs this weight also represented 2/3's of our required 6g ultimate. Then 2,350 lbs were removed from the Summit frame leaving 1200 lbs and then the Summit frame was lowered on to the landing gear. A measurement was recorded and it was found that the measurement was exactly back to the original 45.1875" as it was at the start procedure #1

No visual evidence of bending of any tube or bracket was evident.

Test Procedure #2

The Summit frame was raised and loaded to 3550 lbs as it was at the end of test #1. The Summit frame was then loaded to 4350 lbs. It was at this weight that there were visible signs of the side rail supports and rear cross tube bending, however the bending was marginal as seen in the photographs. The Summit frame was then loaded to 5050 lbs and finally 5350lbs. With the load of 5350 lbs, a measurement was recorded and this measurement was reported as 43.75". This resulted in a 1.5" bending moment with the total weight of 5350lbs applied. The Summit frame left to hang for over 45 minutes and was even moved back and forth. There was no further reason to load the Summit over this 6 g load limit.

Test Procedure #3

The Summit Frame was off loaded and our standard measurement with the Summit in it's normal landing configuration was recorded to be 44.687" This resulted in a .500" deformation after all loading was removed. The side rails were measured and found to have a .125" deformation. The rear cross support tube was measured and found to have a .75" deformation. During the complete static load test there were no signs or evidence of any failure or buckling whatsoever.


Side Rails

Rear Cross tube

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