We manufacture the Summit using the most modern CNC machinery, and some of the best material available today. But if at the end of the day you get your kit in a box, and you get some Mickey Mouse instructions that tell you to bend this and drill that, you are going to become frustrated very quickly. 

At Summit, we don't tell you to take a round tube and drill a hole through it. Have you ever tried to drill a straight hole through a round tube? Sure, maybe you'll start in the middle, but most likely by the time you come out the other side, it won't be in the middle anymore.

That's why Summit kits are pre-drilled and pre-jigged at our factory, so all you have to do is insert bolt A into hole B. Unlike some manufacturers, at Summit we take the extra time and money to properly set up a drill jig and fixture for each part. 

It saves you, the customer a lot of time and unnecessary hassle and if you should ever require a replacement part, you can rest assured that it will bolt right in place of the original.

Okay, now you have the bests parts, material, and everything is pre-drilled for you, but how do you put it all together? If you donít receive good assembly instructions, you will again become frustrated. The Summit assembly manual is clear and simple to understand. All of the parts included in the kit are numbered and labeled. We have even gone so far as to pack each step individually. For example, let's say you're ready to begin step 5 of our Summit manual. All you have to do is locate the bag labeled - Step 5 and in this bag you will find all the necessary hardware to complete this particular step. This makes putting together a Summit kit, quick and easy!

Below is a sample drawing from our assembly manual. With each page, there is a written set of instructions, as well as a solid model drawing. We think the drawings are so good, you will have a hard time believing they're only drawings. 

Summit Assembly Drawing - Step B

Step 5 B in real life

When you take into consideration all of its' benefits, we believe that you won't find a better PPC on the market than the Summit.

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